Monday, September 10, 2012

DANCE FILM SERIES: “Solo with New York”

This week Video Dance TV celebrates artists love for New York City with the DANCE FILM SERIES: “Solo with New York”.  Each videodance below reflects, embodies, and subverts the dynamic interaction between an individual’s movement style and her environment.  

Enjoy the work of Nejla Yatkin as she explores different locations that are uniquely New York and which illustrate her love of the city.

Solo with New York:  “View from my Balcony”

Solo with New York:  “Central Park”

Solo with New York:  “Times Square”

Solo with New York:  “Wall Street Bull”

Solo with New York:  “View from Long Island”

Tune in for the DANCE VIDEO OF THE DAY for more short films and videos which tell stories of New York City and various artists who celebrate their city through movement.

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