Mobile Apps for the Arts

Affordable Mobile Apps for Artists,
Non-profits, and Venues 

Share the arts by customizing your own mobile application. 

Mobile Technology is becoming more affordable, and more accessible to businesses and smart phone users. 

Artists are applying their creativity to technology to promote artistic works, build fundraising platforms, and expand their audience.  

Discover how easy it is to create a mobile app for an Artist, Non-profit organization, or venue. 

Here are some basic benefits to having a Mobile Application:

(a) Market yourself – almost everyone has a phone in their pocket, so never before was it possible to be so close to your users 100% of the time;

(b) Provide your customers and fans with enhanced knowledge about you and your product; 

(c) Let your brand become a useful tool and/or an entertainment device that people can keep going back to;

(d) Having an app of your own means you will be ahead of your competitors and it is something you can keep promoting for years to come;

(e) Apps are great advertisements.

We can give you a mobile site in addition to (or instead of) an app. Sometimes it makes sense to have both, because you always want to be where your customers are and make it as convenient as possible for them.

Apps can be built for most smartphones.

That includes iPhone (and iPad), Android, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia and other platforms. Mobile Apps can also be made for non-smartphones (Feature Phones).


About and info screens.  Display general information, or add other pages like biographies, restaurant menues, chapter excerpts, or anything else you need.

Advertising.  Make money from your apps.  We'll put the ads in for you, or you can have the option to sell them as well.  For clients who do not want to include advertising, that is fine too. 

Audio and Video.  Stream audio and video from websites like YouTube, or your own site.  Or you can have content inserted directly into your app.

Branding and color scheme.  Apps will include your logo, a unique launch icon and colors of your choice.

Calendar events.  List upcoming events that will always be up to date.  

Contact page.  Help your clients find you through email, text messages, or phone contact.

Content Feeds (RSS).  News, weather, videos, blogs, playlists, etc.  If you have content, it can be included in your app.

Custom Hosting and Management.  Don't want to deal with your content feeds?  Want extra help managing your app?  Just let us know and we'll take care of it.

Coupons.  There are many ways to provide your customers with discounts.  From simple messages embedded in your app, to more intricate programs, like unique security codes, barcode scanning, and SMS integrations.  We'll help find the best approach for you.

Games.  Want your app to be a game?  We've built lots of them.

Link to websites and Mobile sites.  Pages within the app can link to your website, online store, or mobile site, along with outside sites like Amazon, the Android Marketplace, and Apple's App Store.

Many Platforms to choose from.  Your app can be built for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia, Palm/HP and other mobile platforms.  We even support Brew and J2ME.

Maps and Directions.  Utilize the power of GPS to let people know where you are and how to find you.

Online ordering.  Great for retailers and restaurants.

Online store and shopping cart.  Whether its links to an existing store or more involved requirements like shopping within the app itself, we can provide it.

Photo galleries.  Put your photos inside the app, or bring up pictures from sites like Flickr and Picassa.

Product catalogs and purchases.  Whether its books, music, or automobiles, show and sell your products from your app.

Receive emails.  Every app comes with a screen to let your users contact you.

Receive text messages.  Want text messaging or another SMS service?  We can integrate with your existing vendor or provide a text platform for you,

Social Network pages.  Set up links to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.  You can even have them stream directly into your app.

Streaming radio.  Users can listen to you wherever you are.

Store locator.  Whether you have one location or a thousand, store locators will let your users know where to find you.

Subscriptions.  Get people to sign up for your newsletter or text club. 

Ticket purchases.  Buy tickets from your phone.

Trivia questions.  Set up a trivia game to work right on your app.  It’s a great added value, and far less expensive than you might think. 

Other features and custom work.  Don’t see something here?  Just ask.  Chances are we can build a feature you need.

Learn about features and designs that help to identify your brand.  From the time we get all your content until we upload the finished app to the mobile store takes less than a month. 

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Custom Mobile Apps for Artists and Non-profits
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