Monday, August 6, 2012

Choreographer Elizabeth Streb Surprises Audiences in London with 'One Extraordinary Day'

STREB Action Heros  
Choreographer Elizabeth Streb unleashed her daredevil dancers around the city of London in a one-off Olympics-inspired project with a day of surprise performances across London's iconic landmarks.     

At rehearsals for her new Olympics-inspired project, One Extraordinary Day Streb explains why one day took a whole year to plan.   

Whether it's asking dancers to bungee jump 40ft drops or dangling them off buildings, few people have pushed the human body to the limits like American choreographer Elizabeth Streb.  Known for her extreme dance and book How to Become an Extreme Action Hero, she has previously staged events at New York's Lincoln Center and Grand Central Station. 
For one day only, visionary New York choreographer Elizabeth Streb and her team of dancers staged a visually stunning feat in a series of performances for One Extraordinary Day around London's famous monuments - from the Millennium Bridge to Trafalgar Square to the awe inspiring finale on the London Eye. 
In the video below, the dancers can be seen walking down City Hall, performing
'Sky Walk'
Commissioned by the mayor and the London 2012 festival, the event was billed as a 'performance of power, daring and beauty that will totally disarm those lucky enough to see it'.  
A video by  captures the action as it happened, and finds out from Streb how she plans to make Londoners feel differently about their city.

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