Monday, September 10, 2012

Choreography for Audiences by Noémie Lafrance

Choreography for Audiences - Take One
A Live Film Conceived and Choreographed
by Noémie Lafrance

The Irondale Theater
85 S Oxford St,  Fort Green, Brooklyn
Sept 15, 2012   2 PM   

Choreography for Audiences - Take One is entirely performed by a participating audience; a choreographic/social experiment that gathers teams of hundreds of people in a live human game. Participants will follow algorithmic instructions to generate evolving patterns and formations captured on film in a bird’s eye view. 

Site-specific Choreographer and Director Noemie Lafrance uses urban landscapes as setting for performance allowing the audience to step inside the work and experience it as an active participant. In this new conceptual live film work there will be no dancers and there are no rehearsals planned. The audience is playing a game; a manifestation of the group expressed through movement exploring the poles of cooperation and competition inherent to our living together in society. 

Challenging the processes of filmmaking and performance production, this work merges the technological and physical worlds and puts the audience in the center of the action. Participants are directed to a website containing their team’s instructions for the event. Once on stage, they are invited to follow sets of prescribed rules and make aesthetic decisions based on their immediate experience, altogether creating a moving tableau of infinite possibilities. The aim is to reach a balance with the group, which generates a variety of large-scale visual patterns, interactions and encounters that form the choreography.

The rapid changes technology brings to our lives and its effects on how we relate to each other has carved a need for the rediscovery of, and reconnection to, the body and people in real time and space, which is what inspired this work. 

Participate in Choreography for Audiences - Take One 

Sign up to participate HERE 

Noémie Lafrance is an internationally renowned site-specific choreographer and director, her work includes Descent (2001-03) winner of 2 Bessie awards, Noir (2004) as part of the Whitney Biennial, Agora & Agora II (2005-06), Melt (2003-2010) and The Rapture Series staging the architecture of Frank Gehry worldwide (2013-18). Lafrance’s short films include “Eyes nose mouth” “Rapture” and “Melt” which toured internationally to festivals including Cannes film festival. Lafrance has choreographed for opera, TV commercials and music videos including Feist’s Grammynominated music video “1234,” David Byrne’s world tour, Doug Aitkin Sleepwalkers and many others.

Sens Production is an award winning not-for-profit dance-production company that produces the work of site-specific choreographer Noémie Lafrance, performed live in public spaces and on film

Choreography for Audiences - Take One is produced by Sens Production and presented in collaboration with the BEAT Festival and The Irondale Center. BEAT Festival (Brooklyn Emerging Artists in Theater, is the first of its kind to spotlight the diverse and exciting community of Brooklyn-based performing artists. The Irondale Center is a beautiful and historic new performing arts space in the Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District. 

Choreography for Audiences-Take One was funded by DCA, NYSCA, Rockefeller MAP Fund, Canada Council for the Arts, and with donations from Build it Green, private sponsors and donors.  

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