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The Face of Dance - Inside Out Project

Inside Out Project - Hong Kong, photographed by JR
Face of Dance - Inside Out Project

Help represent the NYC Dance Community

Participate in the Face of Dance - Inside Out Project, a portrait series that recognizes the importance of dance in New York City.  We want to celebrate the influence that dance brings in its many forms, and the diversity of individuals within the field.

The mission of the Face of Dance photo project is to represent the strength of this community, from students and interns, to professionals in the field, and those who work to protect important institutions and schools, advance education, and the careers of artists.   

As part of a global arts initiative hosted by the Inside Out Project, your portraits will be displayed to raise public awareness about our community.  The Face of Dance - Inside Out Project is an opportunity for the dance community to represent their influence on society and share their voices on concerns. 

Black and white photographs will be taken of each participant and blown up into large posters to display in NYC.  Your photos and comments will also be uploaded to the Inside Out Project website.  

Inside Out, an art project by JR
The Inside Out Project

The Inside Out Project was created by world renowned photographer and street artist, JR, who has gained worldwide recognition for his photo graffiti.  

His work earned him the TED PRIZE in 2011.  Starting with the streets of Paris as his canvas, JR's installations have taken him as far as Africa, North America, and the favelas of Brazil.  His latest initiative, the Inside Out Project calls upon the public to take photos of themselves and causes they represent.  Inside Out Projects are displayed around the world, and they are definitely not to be missed.    

View JR's 2012 TED TALKS presentation: 

Take a look at some Inside Out Projects: 
Participate in the Face of Dance - Inside Out Project
  • Fill out a brief questionnaire about yourself, and share some thoughts with us on dance.
  • After you've completed your questionnaire, we will confirm a date to photograph your portrait.  
  • The Inside Out team will be photographing you in Times Square in New York City.  April and May dates available.
  • Sign up for one of the dates below to have your portrait taken
Who can Participate?
  • Arts Administrators 
  • Artistic Directors
  • Choreographers
  • Teachers
  • Dancers
  • Bloggers
  • Photographers
  • Film professionals
  • Students
  • etc. 
Sign up for the Face of Dance HERE

Each participant will be updated on when photos and comments are uploaded to the Inside Out Project website, and our plans for exhibiting the posters of your portraits around New York City.

Save the Artist - Inside Out Project
Help us Stage an Action for the Dance Community
  • Donate spaces to showcase The Face of Dance portraits
  • Volunteer to paste posters  
  • Help spread the word on the Face of Dance - Inside Out Project by inviting your coworkers and friends to participate. 
  • Support our upcoming Crowd Sourcing campaign to help us raise funds to print the posters and pay for supplies.   
Contact us at:

"I wish for you to stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project, and together we'll turn the world...INSIDE OUT." - JR

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