Monday, July 2, 2012

Catch the NYC Premiere of 'The Hooping Life'

The Hooping Life 

The Hooping Life interweaves the stories of eight performers, activists, teachers, and healers as they take a mere kid’s toy, the hula hoop, and with pure grit and determination, reinvent “hooping” into a dance, a spiritual practice, and a fitness phenomenon. 

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Footage filmed by the hoopers themselves was included in The Hooping Life, giving a raw authenticity to their personal stories of transformationThis picture is vibrant, edgy, and truly resonates on a multi-cultural level while giving an eye-opening look at an infectious and beautiful new cultural movement.

The Hooping Life chronicles the birth of subculture that forms a supportive community, while these individual stories of transformation offer a unique platform for conversations about important community issues

  Self-Discovery: Anah/Hoopalicious is directionless in Hollywood, and struggling to find her purpose.

  Entrepreneurship: Overweight and introverted, Christabel pursues liberation, weight loss, and a career as a successful entrepreneur in San Francisco.

  Mental Health: Baxter overcomes suicidal depression by hooping blindfolded and defines a new form of spirituality.

  Gangs/Violence: Tisha and her student Jeffrey create an after school safe haven of hooping for kids in the gang-laden neighborhood of South Central LA.

  LGBT Issues/Bullying: Bullied as a teenager for being gay, Karis takes on issues of gender and sexual identity with gender-bending hoop performances worldwide.

  Rape Crisis: Sass reclaims her body and life after a brutal home invasion and rape in South Africa.

  Entertainment: Stefan and his NYC dance troupe surprise the urban rat race and landscape with play in unexpected places.

Check out the trailer below

The Hoop Movement  

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