Friday, May 20, 2011

Need a Mobile Application for your Dance Organization?

Custom Mobile Apps for the Arts
Share the arts by customizing your own mobile app.  Mobile Technology is becoming more affordable, and more accessible to businesses and smart phone users.  Artists are applying their creativity to technology to promote artistic works, build fundraising platforms, and expand their audience.  

Discover how easy it is to create a mobile app for an Artist, Non-profit, or venue.   Learn about features and designs that help to identify your brand.  From the time we get all your content until we upload the finished app to the mobile store takes less than a month. 

Basic applications include advertising, which turns your app into a new line of revenue.  Additional features are available for each app, to meet the specific needs of your organization, by customizing features and integrating creative ideas.

Apps can be built for most smartphones. That includes iPhone (and iPad), Android, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia and other platforms. Mobile Apps can also be made for non-smartphones (Feature Phones).

Here are some basic benefits to having an App:

(a) Market yourself – almost everyone has a phone in their pocket, so never before was it possible to be so close to your users 100% of the time;

(b) Provide your customers and fans with enhanced knowledge about you and your product; 

(c) Let your brand become a useful tool and/or an entertainment device that people can keep going back to;

(d) Having an app of your own means you will be ahead of your competitors and it is something you can keep promoting for years to come;

(e) Apps are great advertisements.

We can give you a mobile site in addition to (or instead of) an app. Sometimes it makes sense to have both, because you always want to be where your customers are and make it as convenient as possible for them.

Video Dance TV:  
Promoting Dance with Technology

Custom Mobile Apps for Artists and Non-profits
To learn more information, contact me to set up an appointment.

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