Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dance Parade New York Celebrates it's 5th Anniversary

Join us at the Dance Parade in New York City!
Celebrate the Diversity of Dance in the Dance Capital of the World.

As Dance Parade celebrates it's 5th year, more dancers take to the streets of Manhattan.  Begun as a protest to Dance Cabaret Laws in NYC which limited the number of venues and social dance outlets, Dance Parade has since grown into a cultural explosion of artists featuring various dance styles during its annual event. 

Parade: 1-3 pm, Dance Festival: 3-7 pm

View Stage Performances and Participate in Dance Activities following the parade, at our Dance Festival in Tompkins Square Park  
Families are encouraged to attend our Dance Festival and partake in the action!

Seeking Dancers to REGISTER
for this year's Dance Parade!
It's Free

Check out the Dance Parade NYC 2011 Trailer
Filmmaker Joseph Tutud captures the cultural diversity of Dance Parade and enthusiasm of the attendees and participants.  This video showcases the true splendor of one of New York City’s finest days!

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View the Dance Parade Route Below
Looking Forward to Dancing with you at the Parade!

Saturday, May 21st, 2011 1-7pm

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