Sunday, February 6, 2011

Join us in NYC for Dance Panel Discussion on "How Social Media is Affecting the Arts"

Dance Panel Discussion:
"How Social Media is Impacting the Arts"

Located at Drom
85 Avenue A, at East 6th Street, New York City   

Tues Feb 8th, 7-9pm

Register Here:

A look at how social media is shaping and fueling the international Brazilian Zouk dance phenomenon and other aspects of the dance world including Dance Parade, the largest dance event in North America, and DancePedia, an online encyclopedia dedicated to the subject of dance. This event will include a panel discussion, a live demonstration of Brazilian Zouk dancing along with a free dance lesson for those who want to get their feet wet and find out first hand why this dance has been called "the sexiest dance in the world." Afterward, there will be a Brazilian dance party. So come drink and dance the night away.
Panelists Include:
Nicholas Bambo is a marketing and social media strategist and the founder and creative director of Zouk Nation ( He has been actively involved in promoting the Brazilian Zouk dance scene in the U.S., creating some of the largest dance events in the States and working with a long list of dance instructors and recording artists from overseas.  He is also the one time founder and artistic director of the Dark Horse Theater Group in Kyoto, Japan and the executive producer of Scene of the Crime, an upcoming web series about crime/mystery novelists set to debut in the spring.

Greg Miller: Having worked 18 years in management for Blue Chip companies, Greg Miller has been serving the public sector since creating Dance Parade Inc in 2006 (  DPI has gone on to become a non-profit, serving New York with its annual Dance Parade and Festival that celebrates over 100 styles of dance.  Greg also serves as the Executive Director at OurMed.Org, an online Healthcare Information Site.

Dawn Paap is an advocate for dancers, choreographers, and video artists. She supports the artistic development, marketing, and distribution efforts of dance media artists who create dance for the camera. Dawn has worked as a Dance Media Consultant, and has been actively involved in promoting dance through video. Dawn's Video Dance Channel (, broadcasts daily dance videos and celebrates the diversity of dance styles and artistic videos. Dawn is building on these efforts to create an online Dance Education Series.

Richard Knipel is President of the Wikimedia NYC chapter and a Wikipedia Campus Ambassador to NYU. He has been active in the Wikimedia movement since 2004, with a special emphasis on outreach to local libraries, museums, academia and nonprofits, including dance groups and the DancePedia project

Amber Henrie is an independent media relations consultant with considerable experience in arts, entertainment, advertising, consumer electronics and technology industries. She has consistently worked in an entrepreneurial environment - coordinating and developing branding and media outreach initiatives with companies and non-profits. Her media relationships with reporters and bloggers span the globe in Dubai, London, Canada and the U.S. Amber began her career teaching ballroom dance professionally in New York City and became involved with various community and public affairs initiatives, before transitioning into a career in public relations.

Join us at Drom ( in the East Village, as Zouk Nation presents,

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