Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Video Dance TV: Broadcasting Artists in Motion
Famous choreographers continue to develop award winning dance film documentaries, performances, and artistic cinedances. Budgets and talent allow professional dancers and choreographers to develop feature length films that can be shown in movie theatres, tour at major festivals, and win awards within the film and art communities.  Other artists with smaller budgets, shorter films, and smaller groups of talent have begun to develop a multitude of Videodances for the Web. 

Videodance is the contemporary term for the genre of dance made for the camera.

As this new art form continues to develop, its audience can be difficult to develop, as the Internet is vast universal resource to promote Video Art. Video Dance TV looks to showcase Videodances, to give dancers and video artists an outlet to share their videos, and increase public exposure to advance this new art form.

Video Dance TV supports Dance and Video Art through daily broadcasts online. 

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