Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Videodance Buzz: Celebrating Different Dance Genres

 Video DanceTV 's
Dance Education Series

Videodance Buzz:  Waacking versus Voguing
Celebrating Different Dance Genres
Each month, a new style of dance is celebrated.  View videos and learn about the heritage and history of different dance styles.  Discover innovators of the dance, trends, variations, and current events for each dance genre featured.  Watch artistic videodances featuring dance styles, and learn more about Dance made for the Camera.

Learn more about the Waacking Dance Style of Street Dance
Featured in our
Dance Genre Buzz:
Dance Education Series in collaboration with Dance Parade New York

Participate in our Dance Education Series
Help Video Dance TV and Dance Parade New York support the dance community.  Share information on each dance style we feature, including dance classes, events, competitions, and other productions, such as film and video productions.  Teachers, participants, and enthusiasts are welcome to share their network and experience with our audience to support dance education, online and on the dance floor!       

Post your information in the comment sections of each Genre Buzz posting.
Feel free to post your information on our Facebook Pages as well.

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